Privacy Policy

Sharing Personal Information

Hosmer Point will not intentionally share your address, contact, social media account information, health, financial, or other personal information with third parties or persons not employed with or subcontracted by Hosmer Point or our parent organization, Concrete Foundation, Inc. without your express written or verbal consent (or the consent of a parent or guardian if you are a minor). 
Hosmer Point employees have access to personal information on a need-to-know basis only.
In order to help campers maintain friendships outside of camp, Hosmer Point WILL share the mailing address of each residential camper with the families of the other campers in their session.  If you would like your address to remain private, please contact our office staff at


Hosmer Point endeavors to store personal information in a secure manor, either on secure third-party systems (including UltraCamp, Jotform, and Google Drive) or on our own secure server.  Hard copies of information are stored in a locked cabinet or storage area.  For security reasons, Hosmer Point does not keep a record of social security numbers or credit card and bank account information. 

Browsing History and Cookies

In order to improve our website and better target advertising, Hosmer Point may collect information about your browsing history on our site,, using Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Facebook.  Some of these services my place a cookie on your computer in order to track your browsing history. You may opt-out of tracking in the "settings" section of each of these services.  Hosmer Point will not share or sell your browsing information.  Our camp registration service, UltraCamp, may also use cookies to help streamline the camp registration process. 

Links From Our Website

Hosmer Point is not responsible for the content or privacy of the websites to which we provide links. 
This policy may be changed without notice.
Questions about privacy?  Please email: