Hosmer at Home

Wondering how to keep your kids engaged and outdoors while at home this summer?

Our counselors are full of ideas!

Though our summer plans may have changed, our goals remain the same: build community and camper connections, and increase confidence and independence in a time when we need those skills and friendships more than ever before.  A summer at home is nothing a little HP creativity can't handle!

  • Live elective activities with counselors and campers via Google Meet every Monday - Thursday, June 22 - August 13

  • Small-group focus area instruction, cabin time, and competitive evening activities during your two week camp "session"

  • Box of exclusive camp goodies and project supplies mailed to you ($40 value)

  • 2020 camper necklace (and 5-year bracelet if this is your bracelet year)

  • Zany camp fun whenever you need it this summer

Watch the trailer to see what Hosmer at Home will look like! 


There are only a few spots left!  Registration deadline for the first session: June 1 

Sliding Scale Pricing

Great programming requires great staff!  Please pay what you can afford to support our counselors and families who can’t pay in full.


Benefactor Rates

True Cost of Camp

Subsidized Rates

$200 | $250 | $350


$50 | $75

Any amount over $150 is a tax deductible donation to support those who cannot pay the true cost of camp.

This amount covers the cost of instruction and materials.

These amounts cover the cost of materials and shipping, but not the full cost of paying our staff.*

*Contact us if you need additional support.  We don’t want anyone to be left out because of finances.



There will be approximately 2-2.5 hours of programming per day (in session) divided between a morning and a late afternoon or early evening session, plus optional electives and campfires all summer. 

Open to campers from all sessions, all summer (June 22 - August 13)

Every afternoon Monday-Thursday: Electives - 30-45 minutes

Every other Sunday at 4:30: All camp Campfires - 30 minutes


Session Dates:

Holiday Hill (June 28 - July 9)

Black River (July 12 - July 23)

Bayley Hazen (July 26 - August 6)


Session Schedule (for all sessions):

Opening Sunday 4:30 - 5:15: Opening Ceremony

Monday-Friday 10:45 - 12:00: Announcements!/Community Work Time 15 minutes, Focus Area - 60 minutes

Monday-Friday 3:45 - 5:15: - Cabin Time - 30-45 minutes, Team Comp/”Evening” Activity - 30 - 45 minutes

Saturday-Sunday: No Programming

Monday-Wednesday 10:45 - 12:00: Announcements!/Community Work Time - 15 minutes, Focus Area - 60 minutes

Monday-Wednesday 3:45-5:15: Cabin Time - 30-45 minutes, Team Comp/”Evening” Activity - 30 - 45 minutes

Thursday 10:45-12:00: Announcements! - 15 minutes, Focus Area - 60 minutes

Thursday 3:45-5:30: Cabin Time - 30-45 minutes, Closing Ceremony/Dance Party - 45-60 minutes



Who can sign up?  Registration is now open to the public.  Campers must be currently in grades 2 - 9.

How will I access activities? How will I sign up for focus areas? All activities will be live events on Google Meet. Sign ups will be before the start of the session - we’ll send out more information soon!  Electives will not require signing up in advance, so you can join when you like.

Who will lead activities?  How will instructors be vetted and trained? Activities will be led by current and former HP counselors and directors with assistance from CITs and LITs. Counselors will complete the same vetting program as if they were working with campers in-person, including a criminal background check.  All will be trained in proper conduct and behavior management when working with youth online.  All activities will include two counselors.

I have school online now, and it’s not great. How will this be different?  Camp is still camp!  Expect the same zany activities, unstructured chatting with other campers, and projects that give you chances to try new things. Hosmer at Home will give you things to look forward to all summer.

I want to be active this summer, not looking at a screen.  Should I still sign up?  Although we will need to “meet” on screen, many projects and activities will be outdoors and active.  You may venture outside to complete a task, share your progress with the group, then head out again; or join in active classes like exercise, dance, or yoga. Participation will push you to spend more time outside and be more active than you would be otherwise.

Do I need to join in all the activities scheduled for my session?  Do I need to participate in Electives?  No. The level at which you participate is up to you, but if you are feeling bored or disconnected from friends, the option will be there to join in activities all summer.

Do adults need to be near-by during camp activities? Hosmer at Home is not a substitute for childcare.  If a child is not old enough to be “home alone” they will need to have an adult on the premises during camp programming.  In addition, some activities may require close adult supervision depending on the maturity and experience of the camper.  Supervision requirements will be clearly displayed during sign-up, so you can choose activities that fit your needs.  Our goal is to build camper’s independence, so adult participation is discouraged. In practice, this should allow adults to engage in their own activities (but in the same building) during camp programming.  One of our goals is to help parents through this time, as well as campers!

Will I need equipment? Supplies? Access to the outdoors?  You will need a reliable internet connection fast enough to display video, and a device which can connect to the internet.  Some activities may require sports equipment or common household supplies. We will mail supplies needed for focus areas.  Some activities will require access to the outdoors, such as a yard or park. Supply and outdoor access needs will be clearly stated during sign-up, so you can choose activities that fit what is available to you.

Will LITs have virtual programming? Yes. LITs will have specialized programming during their assigned sessions. They will be meeting virtually with fellow LITs, attending and helping out with virtual electives, “evening” programming, etc. LITs will receive an email from Claire with more specific information.  LITs can sign up via the link for other campers.

Will CITs have virtual programming? Yes. CITs will have specialized programming during the 6 weeks they would have been on camp.  They will be completing the online portion of their lifeguarding course, meeting virtually with fellow CITs and attending/helping out with virtual focus areas, cabin time, evening programming, etc. Look for an email from Claire with more specific information.

Will Little Bellas have virtual programming? Little Bellas campers can sign up for Hosmer at Home for the Wylie Hill session (the same dates you would have been at camp).  We are investigating the possibility of providing mountain bike programming - but no promises, yet!  We’ll be in touch when we have more information.  The other activities offered will also be active and fun.

Will Day Campers have virtual programming? Because we feel screen time is inappropriate for young children we will not be providing virtual programming for this age group.