There are lots of ways to stay connected or reconnect with camp:

1) Attend our annual Memorial Day Reunion for staff alumni of Holiday Hill, Windridge and Hosmer Point

2) Sign up for our e-newsletter, Camp On The Hill Connections

2) Like Hosmer Point on Facebook or follow our Twitter feed to read posts about what's happening at camp. 

3) E-mail us your favorite memories and stories from camp and we'll share them via our Facebook page.  Our favorites will be included in our Camp on the Hill Connections e-newletter.  Don't forget to send a picture! We're happy to receive regular old letters, too.  


Help Out Your Camp!

Here's some ways you can give back: 

1) Donate to the Camp on the Hill Fund which supports camp scholarships and capital improvements. 

2) One of the best ways to help camp is to help us get more campers!  Share your memories of great moments at camp, and tell parents about the very special spot we have here in Craftsbury.

3) Besides our summer camps, we also host events, retreats, and school trips in the Spring and Fall. If you or someone you know are looking for a great place to host your group or event, consider Hosmer Point!

4) Come to our community work day in May and help get camp ready for the summer season.  It's a great way to have fun, see old friends, and meet current campers.