Advisory Board

The Hosmer Point Advisory Board's mission is to aid the camp Leadership Team in meeting the camp’s missions while sustainably growing and improving camp programs and infrastructure. The Board will do this by providing input and inspiration for future plans, and by applying their knowledge to identify and act on ways to improve. It is intended to serve as a voice for parents, campers, alumni, community members, and all those who have an interest in a successful future for Hosmer Point. 

The Board provides input during two meetings per year, as well as via email as needed.  Meetings are held on the first Saturday in October and the third Saturday in March. Hosmer Point provides tasty meals during meetings, as well as one night of lodging at camp or at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center for out-of-town board members.  Board members must commit to attending at least one meeting per year. 

If you'd like to help shape the future of Hosmer Point or have skills you'd like to share, please consider joining the Advisory Board!  If interested, please email