Covid-19 Updates



June 9, 2020 

To all our camp family and the Hosmer Point community,

It seems like so long ago that we announced the cancellation of our scheduled camp sessions, way back on May 2.  Since that time, each day has been a constant question of “what can we bring to our campers instead?”  On May 29, we finally had an answer in the form of State re-opening guidelines for residential summer camps.  Working within these guidelines and those issued by the American Camp Association, and with the advice of our consulting physicians, we have worked quickly to assemble a new camp program which fits within these constraints. We will be offering three 6-day camp sessions beginning the end of July.  Because of group size restrictions and rules for cross-state travel, these sessions will be limited to 20 campers each, who must be in the State for the two weeks before camp.  Because we will only be able to accommodate a fifth of our usual campers, registration is limited to the “graduating seniors” of our camp community, campers in 8th, 9th, and 10th grade.  This program will be different than anything we’ve run before, an adventure as we navigate camp operations in this new age.

Meanwhile, activity development has continued for our Hosmer at Home virtual camp.  With 110 campers registered for three sessions, we were able to hire on four incredible counselors for the program, and many other counselors have generously volunteered their time to lead programs.  We will be starting our first virtual staff training next week, and will be continuing our LIT and CIT leadership programs through this format.  There are still ten spots remaining for the July 26- August 6 session.  Registration is open until June 18. 

In future weeks, we will be looking at more ways to safely bring people to camp, including family camp weekends in late August and September for Vermont families or those who can travel to Vermont without quarantining.

These announcements are both hopeful, and bittersweet.  We are so excited to see all those who can join us for Hosmer at Home and for in-person camp, but we know that many campers and staff will not be able to join us this summer.  Telling camp family members that there is not a way for them to be “home” this year is the hardest thing we’ve had to do, and we know it’s even harder for them.  We hope that all of you can feel good that our campus will be alive this summer, and know that you will always have a place here in the future.

Until then,

See you later!


May 2, 2020

Dear Hosmer Point Families,

We’re writing with some sad news, but also a ray of sunshine.  First, the sad part.  After analyzing the CDC’s most recent re-opening guidelines and consulting with our advisory board, local physicians, and other camp directors, we have made the painful decision to cancel all of our scheduled camp sessions this summer, both residential and day programs. All tuition is fully refundable. We are a camp of hugs and high-fives, a camp where 140 people from all over the world live together in a close-knit community.  Right now, our camp cannot provide that experience without putting our campers and staff, their families, our organization, and the wider Craftsbury community at risk. We are guided by our community values of Respect and Trust. Continuing as planned would not be respectful to the vulnerable members of our community and betray the trust you place in us to keep campers safe. Making this decision now will allow us to pivot our attention towards exciting new ways to maintain our camp traditions and preserve what matters most about our time together, no matter what the world throws at us this summer. 

That brings us to the ray of sunshine. We’re excited to announce “Hosmer at Home,” a virtual version of Hosmer Point you can access from anywhere. Hosmer at Home will allow all residential campers to connect with friends and experience the special milestones they value.  You can learn more about our plans and register here.  Will it take the place of a summer at camp?  No.  Will it be an awesome way to bring HP to your home until we can be together in person? Yes.

Over the coming weeks, we will continue to monitor federal and state guidelines for reopening summer camps.  If alternative programs with smaller groups and less social contact can be run later in our season or in the Fall, expect to hear from us.  

We’re sure all this will raise many emotions and questions for all of you, so please be in touch with us.  We are grieving too, and we want to work through this with you.  To that end, we will be offering small-group conversation and Q&A Zoom sessions throughout the day this Sunday (May 3).  If you're registered for this summer, look for a follow-up email with more information and links to join in.

Take a deep breath!  Hosmer Point is here, and will be here for many years to come.   We deeply appreciate all of your caring emails, and we hope you are all well and continuing to weather the storm.  We will see you on Zoom and at camp just as soon as we can be together again. Until then, please keep in touch with your questions, concerns, and thoughts.

HP hugs!

Jon, Carrie, Claire, Thayer


FAQs & Important Details



All camp tuition for this season has been refunded to your Parent Portal account.  From there you can apply it to future programs (such as Hosmer at Home), or use a portion as a tax-deductible donation (link). If we do not hear from you, your tuition money will stay in your account - this is the default option.

All Day Camp tuition will be automatically refunded.

I would like my tuition returned.  How can I request that? If you would like some or all of your refund mailed to you by check, please email  We will mail checks as soon as we are able, within the next three months.  Checks will be made out to the primary contact and sent to the address listed in your account.  If you paid via credit card (through Paypal) and you request a refund, your tuition will be refunded to the card that was used for the purchase.

Why is the credit in my account less than what I paid?  If you chose a “benefactor” rate from the sliding scale, a portion of your deposit was a tax-deductible donation to Hosmer Point.  Donations are non-refundable.  You can check the amount of your donation on the tax receipt included with your registration confirmation, or email for assistance.


Registering for 2021

All 2020 residential campers will be automatically registered for 2021, for the same session. Tuition deposits will not be due until October, so you have a little while to finalize plans and let us know if you’ll be able to make it.  We will be in touch with campers who are “aging out” about your preferences.  You can check 2021 camp dates here. (Please note that the schedule has changed from this year). 

I don't see my 2021 registration in my account.  What's up? It may take until mid-may to see your 2021 registration in your account (it takes a bit to process that many registrations).

I know I won’t be able to make it in 2021.  What should I do? Please email  We’ll cancel your registration.

Why is Wild Branch in June instead of August?  For staffing reasons, we needed to make this change to the 2021 schedule.  Please let us know if you won’t be able to make these new dates.  We will prioritize accommodating Wild Branch campers in other sessions.

I want to attend a different session next year.  Can I switch?  Yes, as long as there is space.  Send us an email with your request.  We will accommodate campers who are “aging out” of one-week sessions first, then campers who want to switch.

My camper is in 7th grade and will be too old for a one-week session next year.  Now what?  We will be in touch soon about your preferences for two-week sessions.

My camper will be going into 10th grade, so this would have been their last year as a camper.  What does this mean for them? Those who are currently in 9th grade (2019-2020 school year) will still be applying for the LIT program for the 2021 summer.  Application information will be sent out this Fall. If the covid-19 situation eases enough, we may offer a final-year-camper weekend where those campers will be able to complete their special final-year activities, such as Homeward Bound. If that is not possible, we will make sure they can participate in these traditions whenever they next return to camp.

My camper was registered to be an LIT.  What does this mean for them?  They can apply to be a CIT in 2021.  Your tuition can be refunded or applied to future programs (see above).


Other Programs At Camp

Depending on CDC, state, and American Camp Association guidelines, we may still be able to offer more limited in-person programming in August or September - maybe even July. Some plans under consideration are:

  • Family camp weekends: Each family would be given their own cabin and could access Hosmer Point activities and meals.

  • Locals day camp: Children within select towns would have the opportunity to sign up for day programming.

  • Shorter residential camps for small groups: depending on when other states can safely re-open, these could be for final-year campers, LITs, or only local children.


What About….?

….my 2020 necklace? Everyone who signs up for Hosmer at Home will be sent their 2020 HP necklace. This will still count as a year at camp!

...if this is my bracelet year? If you sign up for Hosmer at Home, this will still count as your 5th summer! You will be recognized in our closing ceremony and will receive your bracelet via mail.

… Team Comps, Community Leaders, and Call of the Loon?  Hosmer at Home will provide opportunities to engage in camp traditions.

…all my friends that I only see at camp? Though it's not quite the same, Hosmer at Home will allow you to do activities together throughout the summer.  We hope you stay in touch with your camp friends regardless of your summer plans.

...the camp store? Hosmer at Home campers will be able to purchase swag online. Things we may offer include: 

-2020 HP sweatshirt

-HP Cookbook

-HP Playing cards

-HP Water Bottles

-Friendship Bracelet String kits


Learn more about Hosmer at Home Virtual Camp