Wilderness Treks

For the adventurous teen currently in grades 9 or 10 (ages 14 -16)

Wilderness Treks enable our oldest campers to continue to gain confidence and competence in a challenging new environment.  Each session includes a multi-day backpacking trip and a multi-day canoeing trip, with time to experience favorite Hosmer Point activities in between. 2018 sample schedule coming soon!

Camp Dates: July 22- August 3


Wilderness Treks FAQs:

  • How much does the Trek cost?  Wilderness Treks are the same price as our other two-week camps (we use the same sliding scale pricing, so you pay what you can afford).
  • How many campers will be on the Trek?  How many staff?  There will be up to 8 campers and two trip leaders, one male, one female.
  • I'm a long-time HP camper. How can I decide which program is right for me? If you feel like you've tried all the camp activities too many times, or that you need new challenges in your life, the Wilderness Treks will be a great opportunity to try new things and challenge yourself while also staying connected to your camp family and getting time to hang out at Hosmer Point. 
  • Who can be a regular camper?  Who can attend a Wilderness Trek?  Who can be an LIT? Who can be a CIT? Campers who turn age 15 before August 15 can attend the regular camp. Wilderness Treks are for campers currently in grades 9 or 10.  LIT Camp is for those who are in grade 10.  CIT Camp is for those who are in grade 11.