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Because staying small helps build our tight-knit community, we accept fewer than 80 campers for each session.  Hosmer Point attracts families with a diversity of backgrounds, from cities and from rural areas of the US and abroad.  More than three-quarters of our campers return year after year.  Our small size and community focus create a "first time away" experience which is perfect for new campers.



Our counselors live, work, and play with campers 24-hours a day.  A camper-to-staff ratio of 3 to 1 enables counselors to provide lots of individual attention. Counselors are between the ages of 18 and 24 and are positive role models, effective teachers, and engaging mentors who strive to instill and live by our community values.  All camp staff are chosen after a rigorous interview process and are background checked yearly.


Un-plugged Camp

No electronics are allowed at camp! We promote connecting the old-fashioned way: face to face, or by mailing letters.  We do post a few pictures online throughout each session so parents can see what activities are happening each day.



Hosmer Point is located on and around Holiday Hill.  The Community Tree, hung with our six camp values and the names of each camper who has attended Hosmer Point, marks the top of the hill and the center of campus.  The view from the Tree is one of the most gorgeous in Vermont.  You can see for miles!  The dining hall and theater buildings, farm, gardens, and mountain bike pump track are also "up top" on the hill.  At the base of the hill, next to the entrance to camp, you'll find the arts and crafts building and the "barn" (which we use for rock climbing and indoor sports on rainy days), as well as the soccer and archery fields and low ropes course.  On the other side of the hill is Great Hosmer Pond, a beautiful lake we share with the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. The cabins are arrayed around our private cove, with one cabin area for boys and another for girls.  Our mountain bikes, boats, sculling dock, and amphitheater are also near-by.  Surrounding camp are miles of trails for hiking and mountain biking. Check out our camp map to get "the lay of the land."



Camp accommodations are rustic cabins housing six to ten campers and two counselors.  There is a centrally located bathhouse in each cabin section with sinks, toilets, and showers.



The waterfront is the highlight of Hosmer Point for many campers.  Our private cove hosts a sandy beach and swimming area, and docks for launching our canoes, sunfish sailboats, row boats, stand-up paddle boards, and sculls. Our aquajump trampoline and waterslide off the roof of the boat house are also camper favorites.  Campers can visit the waterfront often, with at least two options for swimming every day.


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