Sculling Instruction

Sculling instruction embedded in a traditional camp experience!

As sister organization with the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, Hosmer Point is able to offer high-quality sculling instruction in one of the best sculling locations in the North East.  We offer beginner and intermediate/advanced level sculling instruction as a focus areas each week.

Why scull at Hosmer Point?

One-on-one instruction

We take only eight sculling campers at a time to ensure that each child gets personalized instruction from our coaches. With a 75 minute rowing session each day, beginners have time to learn the skills they need to get started in the sport, while intermediate and advanced scullers can practice and progress.

All the fun of a traditional summer camp

Sculling campers can choose from all the fun activities Hosmer Point has to offer during 2-3 elective periods and one additional focus period each day.  See how focus and elective periods fit into our daily schedule here. 

Is Sculling at Hosmer Point Camp the Best Option for My Child?

Because Hosmer Point offers sculling as part of a larger package of summer camp fun and community building, our camps are a great introduction for kids who are new to sculling and want to try out the sport.  They're also perfect for more experienced scullers who want a diversity of summer experiences or who benefit from a less intensive or less competitive instructional style than camps which offer sculling as the only activity.  Our coaches know how to keep instruction friendly and fun!

Our sister organization, the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, offers intensive sculling camps for adults and older teens - just one mile away at the other end of Great Hosmer Pond.