There are three types of activities offered at Hosmer Point: Focus Areas, Electives, and Evening Activities.  

Focus Areas are like a major in college - they're the activities which interest campers the most and where they want to spend the most time, and increase their skill level and knowledge.  Campers choose two Focus Areas per week from a selection of ten or more choices.  At least one focus area will be offered in each of the categories below. Sign up is on the first day of camp.  Because some activities have a limited number of spaces and there's only time to offer them once each week, one-week campers should be prepared with a first and a second choice.

Elective activities give campers a chance to try new things and sample Focus areas. Each day, there are two or three elective periods, with six to eight choices of activities for each period. Campers sign up for electives each day at lunch.  Besides the activities listed below, our counselors are always inventing new activities and projects for campers to try.  Sometimes they're silly (like cloud watching or Sasquatch hunting) and sometimes they're more practical, like cooking or archery. During the longer two-week sessions, campers can request certain activities, or even suggest ideas for new electives.  If it seems like something that will work at camp, we just might offer it as a new activity!

Evening Activities allow us to come together as a camp community for an exciting team competition, a silly talent show, or special traditions like our Thanksgiving Dinner the final night of camp.

Check out the Daily Schedule to see how our activities fit together in a typical day at camp.



Take our location on the shores of Great Hosmer Pond, combine it with experienced instructors and high-quality equipment, and you’ve got world-class sculling opportunities.  Read more about our sculling activities here!


Explore Great Hosmer Pond by canoe, paddleboard, rowboat, or kayak!  Campers will have many opportunities to jump in the water on hot summer days or step out of their comfort zone to try the waterslide, aqua jump, or aqua skipper.  We also offer daily swim lessons so campers can learn to swim or improve their existing skills.  Our certified lifeguards and experienced staff love to teach new skills and have fun on the water.


Explore our 600+ acres of woods, trails, and ponds. Learn to construct a shelter, build a fire, and other wilderness survival skills.  Off-campus activities may include an overnight camping trip, hiking up a near-by mountain, or paddling down a local river.

Mountain Biking

Get ready for some high-speed adventure!  Mountain bikers will experience a variety of exciting terrain and trails at Hosmer Point and at the Craftsbury Outdoors Center.  Campers can also learn bike maintenance and trail building skills.  

Farm and Garden Focus Areas

Dig in and get dirty!  At the HP farm, campers help feed and care for the camp’s pigs, chickens, goats, and rabbits.  Our farm-to-table program lets campers harvest fresh veggies from our gardens and bring them to the kitchen for our next meal.  Blueberry picking, pie baking, and more are on the menu! Fun activities like "Garden Spa" and "Vet for a Day" also build knowledge of animals and plants.  

Build Focus Area

Our Build focus area is for campers who want to swing a hammer, learn to use a chisel or saw, or even build a whole tree house!  Build campers design new projects each summer and take their creations from start to finish.  

Creative Arts Focus Areas

In this focus area, campers can express themselves in a wide variety art forms such as drama and improv theater, dancing, knitting, drawing, photography, and crafting.  Creative Arts is about experiencing a diversity of mediums and sharing your skills - while learning new ones. 

Sailing Focus Area

Learn to tack, jibe, and harness the power of the wind while sailing our fleet of sunfish sailboats on Great Hosmer Pond. A good way to build confidence on the water! 


Build skills, stamina, and have fun! Active campers love our sports focus areas, which may combine one or more different games, including soccer, basketball, golf, tennis, archery, and frisbee golf.  


Campers learn basic chords while playing and singing together, building new musical skills to bring home.  Guitar may be offered as an elective instead of as a focus area, depending on interest and skill levels.


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