How We Use Your Camp Tuition

The chart below shows how we allocated funds in 2016.  Read on to learn more about where your tuition dollars are spent.

meta chart 5

Counselor and Director Pay

By far the largest percentage of our budget goes towards paying the counselors, coaches, and camp directors who teach and care for our campers. In order to recruit the very best counselors and coaching staff, Hosmer Point pays above the industry standard and does not use unpaid staff or staff under the age of 18.


Food Service

Food at Hosmer Point is made from scratch, using fresh, local, ingredients.  We buy chicken, milk, and veggies (to name a few) from farms just a couple miles from camp. The cost of high-quality ingredients and the staff to prepare them are a bit higher than serving pre-packaged meals and mixes, but we think having healthy, happy campers (and supporting local farmers) is worth a few extra dollars.


Facility Upkeep, Repairs, Utilities

Keeping 52 acres, miles of trails, and dozens of structures (most datng to the '50s, '60s, and '70s) in good repair is a big job!


Program Supplies

From new canoes, to the ropes course; arts and crafts supplies, to camper's t-shirts; program supplies are our investment in our campers.


Office Staff

Manning the phones, completing the paperwork, updating this website... we need our office staff!



Eventually, every camper grows up - which means we always need to find new children to join our camp community.


Local Taxes

Hosmer Point pays local property taxes to support our community


Accreditation, Licensing, Credit Card Fees

Accreditation by the American Camp Association, Health Department licensing, lifegaurd training, and criminal background checks for all our staff fall into this category.  Credit card processing takes a 3% cut of all transactions.