Leader In Training Camp

Leadership training, Hosmer Point camp fun, and team building adventure for 16 -year-olds who have completed their Sophomore year of high school. Besides participating in special LIT and camp activities, LITs learn work skills and responsibility by assisting with camp chores for a few hours each week.

LIT activities include:

  • Leadership training exercises
  • A team building adventure trip
  • Mini-internships with camp staff
  • Leadership roles in camp activities
  • More independence as you become a camp leader!


2018 LIT Sessions

Session 1 - June 23 - July 5 - FULL

Session 2 - July 7 - July 19 - FULL

Session 3 - July 21 - August 2 - Space Available for Boys


See our sliding scale for suggested tuition rates



  • How much does LIT Camp cost? LIT camps are the same price as our other two-week camps (we use the same sliding scale pricing, so you pay what you can afford).
  • How many LITs will be at camp each session? Up to 8.
  • How can I decide which program is right for me?  If you look forward to all the camp traditions and activities all year long, and can't imagine your summer without them, then LIT Camp will allow you to experience all the fun you love, while continuing to advance as a camp leader.