Camp Dates for 2018

All of our camps are listed here. Spaces are limited, so apply early! Tuition rates for camps are based on a sliding scale.  Please see How Much Does Camp Cost? for more information.

Adding your child to a wait list:

Camps will be marked as "FULL" when there are no spaces remaining, however you may still add your child to the wait list. To add your child to a wait list: click on "Make a Reservation," create or log-in to a Parent Portal account, and waiting lists will appear at the very bottom of the page. You may be able to get a spot due to a last minute cancellation. Families on wait lists will also be able to register early with returning families when registration opens for 2019.

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One Week (six day) Residential Camps for ages 9 - 13 (currently in 3rd - 8th grade)

Wylie Hill - June 17 - June 22 - suggested price  - FULL

Wild Branch - August 5 - August 10 - suggested price  - FULL


Two Week (13 day) Residential Camps for ages 9 - 15 (currently in 3rd - 9th grade)

Holiday Hill - June 24 - July 6 - suggested price FULL

Black River - July 8 - July 20 - suggested price FULL

Bayley-Hazen - July 22 - August 3 - suggested price ONE SPOT FOR A BOY

Add Beginner or Intermediate/Advanced Sculling Camp to any of these sessions!


Four Week and Six Week Residential Camps for Ages 9 - 15

Combine any two consecutive two-week camps. We provide activity-filled, supervised stay-overs between sessions at no extra charge.


Wilderness Treks for Ages 14 - 16 (currently in 9th - 10th grade)

Wilderness Trek - July 22 - August 3 - suggested price FULL


Little Bellas at Hosmer Point Girl's Mountain Biking Camps

One-Week (6-day) Little Bellas Camp - June 17 - June 22  FULL


Leader In Training Camp for Ages 16-17 (currently in 10th grade)

Holiday Hill LIT Session - June 24 - July 6 - suggested price FULL

Black River LIT Session - July 8 - July 20 - suggested price  FULL

Bayley Hazen LIT Session - July 22 - August 3 - suggested price  1 SPACE AVAILABLE FOR A GIRL


Counselor In Training Camp for Ages 17-18 (currently in 11th grade)*

CIT Camp  - June 23 - August 3 - $500 fee - FULL

*must have completed an LIT session at Hosmer Point or be a recent Hosmer Point camper.  Candidates must apply for this program.  LITs from the previous season will be notified when the application is available.  Applications are due by January 1. 


How much does camp cost?  Read about our sliding scale for tuition. 


Questions?  Send us an e-mail at, or call 1-802-586-2090