Staff FAQ

How do I do my laundry?

We have two washers and two driers at camp for the counselors and support staff to use when they are at camp.  These are not shared with campers .  We will also provide you with the laundry detergent.  If you’ve never done laundry, brush up on it before coming to camp (sorting whites and colors, temperature settings, etc) or we can give you a few lessons .  You will be responsible for taking  time during your off periods, nights or days off to stay on top of your own laundry.  We suggest that you also bring a laundry bag to camp so you can transport your dirty clothes up to the dining hall where the laundry machines are kept.

Will I have internet access?
Yes, wifi is available in the staff room for you to use during your time off.  We restrict where you can be accessing the internet and your computer during the day when campers are around.  Campers are not allowed internet access.

What about access to a phone or my cell phone?
There is a phone in the office for emergency use.   Most counselors use cell phones as coverage is increasing on camp despite being in the middle of "nowhere".   We restrict where you can talk on the phone when campers are around.  Campers are not allowed to use cell phones.

When and how do I get paid?
You will get paid weekly.   Think ahead about how you will then access these checks.  We can set you up with direct deposit for your weekly pay.  That means that money would be deposited into your already existing checking account.  Or, you could mail your checks back to your own bank directly.  Finally, if you have a local bank, you can cash your checks directly there on days off.

What kind of time off do I have?
You will have 24 hours off each week.  Many weeks you will have an additional 6 hours off in the evening.  In addition to that time off, you will also be given at least a period off each day which equates to an hour.  Many days you will have time off in the evenings after the campers go to bed.  Your time off during the day must be taken on camp.  On your 24 hour days off, you are welcome to leave camp with the rest of your day off group.

Where do I sleep?
You will share a cabin with a co-counselor and your group of 6-8 campers.  You will have a slightly separate section of the cabin to share with your co-counselor.  You will sleep in a bunk bed in a rustic cabin with screens, doors and electricity.  Your storage space will be somewhat limited so pack well!

What’s the weather like?
We had a counselor one year from overseas go out and buy a winter parka in preparation for her stay with us.  While Vermont is known to be cold and snowy in the winter, it is actually very pleasant and warm during the summer.  It can get down into the 40’s some evenings so layers of long sleeve clothing are appropriate but be sure to bring more short sleeve clothing because the days vary between the 80’s and 90’s.  The sun is hot and packing a hat to protect from the rays will also be important.  Rain is also a summertime occurrence that can be miserable if you don’t have enough pairs of shoes or long sleeve apparel to change out of when one has gotten wet.

Where is Vermont, what is it near?
Vermont is in the Northeastern part of the United States.  We are about 4 hours by car from Boston, Massachusetts, 2 hours from Montreal in Canada and about 7 hours drive from New York City.  The closest big city to camp is Burlington and that is 1.5 hours from camp.  Hosmer Point’s location is in a rural part of Vermont.  You’ll travel on many dirt roads before arriving at camp.