Directors and Leadership

Camp Director

Jon Hammond

Jon has been the director at Hosmer Point since the camp was founded in 2010.  He created many of the traditions and activities found on camp today including the farm and gardens, House Cup, Community Tree and even the Polar Bear chant.  Prior to Hosmer Point,  Jon was a physical education teacher for thirteen years, coached high school girls soccer, and worked in many capacities for Windridge Tennis Camp (the previous owner of the camp property). Jon has a passion for this "camp on the hill" and what it offers to everyone who steps foot on it. He is proud to call this place "home." Jon works for camp year-round, marketing camp, visiting families, and working with local schools.  He also keeps busy keeping up with his two sons, Eli and Oliver.   Please don't hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions or if you would like him to visit when he is in your area. E-mail him at


Assistant Directors

Claire Stetson

Claire (with an I) started working here in 2013 as a general residential counselor. Over the years, she has designed our Creative Arts program, worked as the scheduling coordinator, and lead the female residential staff as Head Counselor. As the first in-camp hire for the position, she is now the director of our leadership programs (Counselor In Training and Leader in Training), oversees all residential staff, and directs our Saplings Day Camp programs. During the spring and fall, Claire co-directs our outreach school programs. Fun fact: Claire through-hiked the Long Trail in 2014. You can reach Claire at May - Septemeber.

Clare Wilson

Clare (without the I) began her Hosmer Point career in the kitchen in 2016, before moving on to her current position managing the all-important daily camp schedule. She also works on program development, oversees Wilderness Treks and the camp store, and is our off-season wedding coordinator. Sometimes she even has time to get back in the kitchen to bake one of her famously fabulous cakes!  Fun fact: Clare also through-hiked the Long Trail!  You can reach Clare at May-September.


Office Manager

Carrie Glessner

Carrie has been working the HP office since 2011. While the rest of the staff are out making camp happen, Carrie is working on the next session – signing up campers, making sure everyone’s paperwork is in order, and that every family is ready for camp. When you email, Carrie fields your questions. As a year-round camp employee, Carrie loves the relationships she builds with camp families – from answering their first questions to registering campers for the next year on closing day. Carrie and her husband, Will, have a small farm in near-by Westfield where they raise chickens, pigs, and their new baby daughter, Neoma.  You can reach Carrie at


Camp Owners

Judy Geer and Dick Dreissigacker

Judy and Dick are the owners of CF Operations, the L3C (non-profit company) which owns Hosmer Point and the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, just down the road from camp. Dick Dreissigacker was a member of the 1972 Olympic Rowing team. He coached the Stanford Men's Crew team and has been a guest sculling coach at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center for years. He founded Concept2 with his brother in 1976. He enjoys rowing, X-C skiing, and spending time working in the woods.

Judy Geer was a member of the 1976, 1980 and 1984 Olympic Rowing teams. She coached the Dartmouth Women's Crew in the late seventies and has been a guest sculling coach at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center for years. She has coached soccer and xc running for kids, and continues to coach Nordic skiing at the high school level. She is a member of the local school board and works in marketing and communications at Concept2.