Wilderness Treks

For the adventurous teen currently in grades 9 or 10 (ages 14 -16)

Our Wilderness Trek camps have the same Hosmer Point community values and feeling of family our campers look forward to each summer, while also providing exciting new challenges. In our unique program, campers design their own trip schedule, choosing from a diverse selection of activates in locations around Vermont.  Working together (and with help from our experienced trip leaders) they need to plan their journey so that they have enough time for each experience and can travel from point A to point B.  Activity choices may include hiking, biking, paddling, and even sailing options, with primitive camping and outdoor cooking each night. Beginning and ending at Hosmer Point, campers will have a chance to hang out in their favorite spots while they plan their trip before they head out for nine days on the trail.

Wilderness Treks will enable our oldest campers to continue to gain confidence and competence in a challenging new environment. 

Camp Dates: July 23- August 4


Wilderness Treks FAQs:

  • Who can be a regular camper?  Who can attend a Wilderness Trek?  Who can be an LIT? Who can be a CIT? Campers who turn age 15 before August 15 can attend the regular camp. Wilderness Treks are for campers currently in grades 9 or 10.  LIT Camp is for those turning 16 before August 15th and who are in grade 10 or above.  CIT Camp is for those turning 17 before August 15th and who are in grade 11 or above.
  • How much does the Trek cost?  Wilderness Treks are the same price as our other two-week camps (we use the same sliding scale pricing, so you pay what you can afford).
  • How many campers will be on the Trek?  How many staff?  There will be up to 8 campers and two trip leaders, one male, one female.
  • I'm a long-time HP camper. How can I decide which program is right for me? If you feel like you've tried all the camp activities too many times, or that you need new challenges in your life, the Wilderness Treks will be a great opportunity to try new things and challenge yourself while also staying connected to your camp family and getting time to hang out at Hosmer Point. If you look forward to all the camp traditions and activities all year long, and can't imagine your summer without them, then being a regular camper or LIT camper will allow you to experience all the fun you love, while continuing to advance as a camp leader.