Leader In Training Camp

Leadership training, Hosmer Point camp fun, and team building adventure for 16 -17 year-olds who have completed their Sophomore year of high school. Besides participating in special LIT and camp activities, LITs learn work skills and responsibility by assisting with camp chores for a few hours each week.

LIT activities include:

  • Leadership training exercises
  • A team building adventure trip
  • Mini-internships with camp staff
  • Leadership roles in camp activities
  • More independence as you become a camp leader!


2017 LIT Sessions

Session 1 - June 25 - July 7 

Session 2 - July 9 - July 21

Session 3 - July 23 - August 4


See our sliding scale for suggested tuition rates


Questions?  Send us an e-mail at info@hosmerpoint.com, or call 802-586-2090